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  • Aviva Advantages

Aviva Stadium has been designed to ensure that people with disabilities are well looked after. People with reduced mobility, including those in wheelchairs, people with hearing and visual impairment have all been taken into consideration. The guiding principle for the stadium is that spectators with disabilities are accommodated through the stadium at all levels.

To ensure that people with mobility difficulties can access the stadium with ease there is excellent access to all floors via a series of lifts/elevators. These lifts/elevators are also designed to be used for evacuation of persons with reduced mobility in cases of emergency.

In the lower and top tier seating areas there are viewing positions for wheelchair users in all areas. In the majority of cases the spaces are at the rear of the viewing area and raised so that even if a spectator in front stands up to celebrate the wheelchair user can still see the pitch. In the smaller North stand the wheelchair spaces are at the front of the tier. At the premium level there are wheelchair viewing spaces on both the East and West sides again at the rear of the tier and again with raised viewing. On the box level wheelchair users can be accommodated in every box where they can sit in the rear row of the box tier.

On all the concourses the bars and food counters have a lowered section so that people in wheelchairs can be served. There are also accessible toilets close to the viewing positions. Emergency exit for people with impaired mobility is by evacuation lifts/elevators, many of the same lifts/elevators that they will have entered by. These are designed to allow all wheelchair users and their Carer / Assistant to leave the stadium building safely.

Accessible Tickets

Carer tickets – link back to Host Org ticketing policy

Spectators with reduced mobility / wheelchair users and those with audio / visual Impairments may be entitled to avail of a carer / assistant’s ticket. Further details are available from the host of the match or concert.

Accessible Parking

Aviva Stadium does not have parking for the public on match and concert days however there is accessible parking available for up to 100 vehicles for persons with reduced mobility on a first come first accommodated basis.

There is a 2.1 metre vehicle height restriction on the entry to the parking facility and access is strictly by a dedicated parking pass that must be requested a minimum of 5 working days in advance of an event.

The parking passes are distributed to ticket holders only and must be requested from the organisation hosting the match or concert i.e. the FAI ,IRFU, MCD.

Access to the parking facility closes 2 hours prior to kick off / gates open (concerts) due to road closures implemented by An Garda Síochána and exit from the parking facility will only be permitted once An Garda Síochána have reopened the road to vehicular traffic. Details of approach routes to the parking facility and a map are included on the dedicated parking passes for each event.

Early access

Due to the closure of parking facilities 2 hours prior to kick off / gates open, spectators availing of accessible parking on event days will be permitted to enter the grounds from 2 hours prior to kick off / gates open (concerts). Where relevant, bar facilities and concessions will be available at this time.

Audio Impaired Info

In order to assist hearing impaired and visually impaired visitors to the stadium a combination of hearing induction loops and RF radio transmitter systems are incorporated enhancing audible communications throughout the stadium, including the seating bowl, restaurants, bars, kiosks and conference rooms.

Visually Impaired Info

For people with impaired vision, tactile flooring is used to warn of the presence of the top or bottom of a flight of stairs inside the stadium and on access routes to the stadium. When inside the building, people with impaired vision move around with other spectators and then sit in their designated seat which can be anywhere within the tiers.

Hearing assistance systems are available from the organisers of sporting events. These will pick up a radio signal transmitted within the stadium so that people sitting in the seating tiers can hear a commentary of the match. Further details are available from the FAI or IRFU.

All signs in the stadium are being designed to be user friendly for people with impaired vision. There is also a public address system throughout the building and surrounding approach areas to give audible announcements including emergency announcements to spectators and staff.

Guide Dogs / Seeing Eye Dogs are permitted in the stadium with advance notification. Spectators wishing to bring a Guide Dog / Seeing Eye Dog into the stadium should contact the Organiser of the match or concert that they wish to attend in advance of booking their ticket to discuss their requirements.

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