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Aviva Stadium

Social Sustainability

With over 1 million people visiting Aviva Stadium every year for matches, concerts, functions and tours, the stadium team works hard to meet their needs as well as those of the thousands of staff and support service personnel that help to organise and run the stadiums activities. Due to our proximity to our neighbours both residential and commercial we also try to ensure that we manage our neighbours needs as well. 

As with other aspects of our sustainable approach, Social Sustainability (sometimes referred to as Corporate Social Responsibility or CSR) works to maximise the positive impacts and minimise the negative impacts. 

Our Fan Approach

Accessibility – to meet the needs of all fans & customers visiting Aviva Stadium, the stadium has been designed to meet the needs of those with physical, visual and audio impairments. Our Accessibility section has further details on facilities and services for fans.

Transportation - due to the location of the stadium there are no public parking facilities available at the stadium for large scale events. To meet the needs of fans as well as to ensure a positive arrival and departure experience, Aviva Stadium has worked closely with all Public Transport Providers as well as An Garda Síochána and AA Roadwatch to develop a Public Transport Guide for Aviva Stadium.

Engaging with fans and venue users one to one, via phone and email as well as via social media. This ensures that we listen to fans needs and wants and where possible and relevant we try to incorporate these into our activities. 

Charitable Requests

Aviva Stadium works with several charitable organisations to assist in having a positive social impact.If you wish to talk to a member of the stadium team about your charitable event please email full details of your request and the event to It may be worth noting that Aviva Stadium does not coordinate the sale or issuing of tickets or team related merchandise, as such we are not in a position to sponsor such items.